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States Avenue Ventures is an experienced multifamily buyer in Washington state. With offices in both Benton County & King County, we are able to serve the needs of sellers on both sides of the mountains. We are a local, tight-knit business committed to first-rate real estate solutions. Our model offers sellers flexibility, transparency, and fairness. We are proud to be locals serving our Pacific Northwest community.

Selling an asset can be time consuming, chaotic, and costly. We take pride in transactions that run efficiently and stress-free. The image that comes to mind is Staples’ giant red “easy button”.

1  Flexible Closing

Your situation is unique to you. Your timeline becomes our timeline.

2  No Repairs, As-is Condition

We purchase assets in as-is condition. No repairs needed. Take the belongings you want and we will take care of the rest.

Benefits of Selling to SAV

3  Simple, Easy Paperwork

We provide a seamless and transparent transaction process. 40 page contracts are so 1999.

4  100%

We have a 100% close ratio on all assets that have passed feasibility. As they say, "Momma didn’t raise no flakes!"

5  Zero Comissions

We love real estate agents... but, sometimes, sellers like paying 0% better than 6%. Just sometimes.

6  Title & Escrow

Just like all other real estate transactions, we run everything through standard title and escrow. This is fair and secure for both buyers & sellers!

7  Proof of Funds

Jerry Maguire taught us "Show me the Money!" We expect you to ask the same! We provide proof of funds with every offer.

8  Neighborhood

You love your neighborhood and like your neighbors, so we do too! We respect everyone and we continue to manage and care for the asset so you can feel proud of who you sold to.

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